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MIR MUHAMMAD AKBAR<<>>My Mission Is To Serve Pakistan



                                  MIR MUHAMMAD AKBAR

I, Mir Muhammad Akbar S/O Mir Rehmat ullah,  was born (01-06-1978) in   muzaffarabad,  capital city of azad Jammu and Kashmir, where i lived for 10 years of my childhood life. i get my early education (primery education) in my home town (BUTTLE). I left my home and join karachi  (city of lights) clifton (zamzama) in 1989 for further education and bright future, benefiting from warm and supporting family and coleagus, and city which provided me with a sound education (class 6th t0 Bsc) and oppertunities for personal growth. i faced many heard times in my life,n i thankful to that kind of heard times who make me strong and confedant. i love to play with challanges. since my school days i have been interested in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, a search wich was inspired by my parents ( espacialy my great mother (late), ALLAH give her great place in junnah, AMEEN) and enhanced by my teachers. this has stayed with me in to my whole life. me doing my own services business  at that time and i have a my own Chemical cum pharma industry known as UNIKIM (PVT) LTD, social work is also my passion and cause of life. Me president of well-known N G O spac Pakistan. I am trying my best for reducing

Poverty and unemployment through micro, small and domestic trade in Pakistan and azad Kashmir. I belong to noble Kashmiri caste MIR (sohlan, rajpoot). Muslim (sunni), hight 5.6, whight 68kg, with medium body, physically 100% fit, alhamdoLILLAH.

                  if you want to know about my personality.

 i am so simple, stright foward, social and islamic minded, kind hearted,

 great thinker, nice observer and non materailistic. i enjoy to play wd hard time.   

                                                           MY BAD HABITS

Non focusing, non panctual in NAMAZ n other ABADAATS, non panctual in regular exercise. internet chating, fazool kharch, less flexible, over kindness, non saving and other minerz bad habbits , me trying my best to indentify,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and extremly worried to remove or decline thats kind of habbits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and me traying my best,,,,,,,,,,inshaALALLAH me succesful earleir.        

                                                           MY HOBBIES

 I like to play and watch cricket matchs, in my school days i was captan of school team, i like to read historical in technical books n magzens, net surfing n muzic listening, n love to enjoy every movment of life.

                                                               I LIKE

 to discuss ideas, Life of great personalities, Historical events and disasters,

 Islamic histry, Allama muhammad iqbal idealogy, cultural discussions, discuss social issues PAKISTAN, political discussion and any positive matter.

                                                           MY DISLIKES 

 i dislike to discuss peoplz personal matters, deficiencies, bad habbits.

 i dislike to materialistic peoplz ( PASSA KHODA LOG).

 i dislike to colaps others peoplz rights for personal interest.

 i dislike to who dont like to observe their own mistakes n deficiencies.

 i dislike to who forgets all who contributes in your successful life eg

 ( parents, teachers, frands, families members, brotthers n sisters and caretakers.                            


                    Ya ALLAH


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